Connecting research and citizen action

  • Twenty-five countries

    The Development Research Centre on Citizenship, Participation and Accountability (Citizenship DRC) has worked with universities, research institutes and nongovernmental organisations in more than 25 countries to explore the new ways that citizens are shaping our states and societies.

  • Sixty researchers

    The research, which was funded by the UK Department for International Development, offered a unique perspective on global challenges from the bottom up – a window to the world through the eyes of its citizens. Over 60 researchers were involved, and many more academics, activists and policy-makers collaborated.

  • Ten years

    When the Citizenship DRC concluded its decade of work in 2010, it had largely fulfilled its objectives. In addition to being a source of evidence and innovative ideas about citizenship, the programme also leaves behind a number of lessons for researchers, professors, teachers and trainers - anyone concerned with how to work and learn together in a global network. This website provides an archive to the Citizenship DRC's body of work.

Citizenship DRC research featured in an eight-volume series by Zed Books

Citizen Action and National Policy Reform: Making Change Happen

Edited by John Gaventa and Rosemary McGee

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Citizenship and Social Movements: Perspectives from the Global South

Edited by Lisa Thompson and Chris Tapscott

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Globalizing Citizens: New Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion

Edited by John Gaventa and Rajesh Tandon

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Inclusive Citizenship: Meanings and Expressions

Edited by Naila Kabeer

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Mobilizing for Democracy: Citizen Action and the Politics of Public Participation

Edited by Vera Schattan P. Coelho and Bettina von Lieres

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Rights, Resources and the Politics of Accountability

Edited by Peter Newell and Joanna Wheeler

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Science and Citizens: Globalization and the Challenge of Engagement

Edited by Melissa Leach, Ian Scoones and Brian Wynne

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Spaces For Change? The Politics of Citizen Participation in New Democratic Arenas

Edited by Andrea Cornwall, University of Sussex, UK

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