International Perspectives on Citizenship, Democracy and Accountability

Instructor: Martha Farrell

International Perspectives on Citizenship, Democracy and Accountability is a distance learning Post Graduate Diploma, provided by PRIA in New Delhi.

PRIA's distance-learning course on International Perspectives on Citizenship


The course aims to help students:
To understand different concepts and approaches to rights and citizenship; participatory democracy and governance; and accountability and transparency.
To appreciate broader context of institutions as state, market and civil society in influencing the practice of citizenship;
To develop knowledge of various strategies to strengthen inclusive and participatory citizenship; and
To acquire skills to intervene effectively in the democratic processes, and also facilitate the marginalised citizens to become the agents of social action and social change.

  • Students

    The students come from around the globe, but most are adult learners who are practitioners, development professionals and new actors wanting to make a career in the arena of development.

  • Structure

    The course is an on-line distance learning diploma. It consists of three courses (see above), each with six units, and each unit lasts four weeks (two weeks for reading and on-line discussion and two weeks to write and submit the assignment and also interact with the guest faculty.

  • Context

    The students came from diverse countries and contexts and this proved challenging but also enriching to teach. There has been a tendency in the web-based courses toward didactic exchanges with the instructors. The students want to learn from the instructors' expertise and are reluctant to pursue extended conversations among themselves.

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