This theme explores how women in different categories of work try to reposition themselves in public (including markets) and domestic spheres to change attitudes, break barriers, achieve recognition, enhance their bargaining power and exercise their rights at home and at work?

Research looked at: how the sexual division of labour in the domestic sphere is being restructured and at how the disconnect between women’s paid and unpaid work can be reduced; how women as economic actors, cross-border traders and migrants can enhance their incomes, influence, assets and personal safety, especially in post conflict contexts; how women’s rights as workers and caregivers can be enhanced, and what mechanisms and forms of recognition can best support women’s work as a tool for empowerment.

How do women workers organise to claim rights and recognition?

Listen to Naila Kabeer, Empowering Work theme convenor, exploring the contribution that paid work can make to women's empowerment.

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