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Cecilia Sardenberg, national coordinator of the Observatory for the Implementation of the Maria da Penha Law, was in Brasilia on 6th August to attend the launch of the ‘Best Practice in the Implementation and Dissemination of the Maria da Penha Law’ Award. The event, held in the auditorium of the Secretary of Policies for Women (Federal Goverment) is part of the celebrations to mark the third year since the sanctioning of Maria da Penha Law (11.340/06) which punishes domestic and family violence against women. Maria da Penha Fernandes, the woman who gave her name to the law, attended the launch and will take part in the presentations for the first award.

Staff of the Observatory suggested the creation of this award in a preliminary research report sent to Minister Nilcéia Freire in July. The aim is to encourage the correct application of the legislation. The prize will be awarded to individuals or entities, nominated by others, whose work or actions deserve special credit for the prevention of domestic violence against women through the Maria da Penha Law. There are five categories available: Implementation of Programs and Policies; Creation and Implementation of Services; Idealisation or Campaigns; Studies and Surveys; and Implementation of News Stories.

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