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Pathways of Women’s Empowerment joined with the Centre for Life History and Life Writing Research at the University of Sussex to celebrate the inaugural annual International Day for Sharing Life Stories on 16 May 2008. The event showcased the life history work being done at the university and invited people to find out more about telling their lives in a variety of ways.

Parallel events to share and gather life stories took place in Africa, Australia, Europe, India and in North and South America. More than 200 individuals and organisations, including the British Oral History Society and Studs Terkel, have endorsed the establishment of the International Day for Sharing Life Stories.

The use of narrative and stories within our research has been a strong motif of the Pathways programme and we have experimented with various multi-media tools in doing this including photography, film and audio. We believe that sharing stories of women’s everyday lives through visual, audio and written methods can be a powerful tool in shaping people’s understanding of realities and in challenging existing gender norms.

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