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    Changing Focus: Exploring Images Of Women And Empowerment In Egypt, IDS Bulletin, 43.5

    In moving away from prescriptive one-way communications exercises, participatory development communications use better strategies to engage communities and capture nuance. This article examines a communications case study in Egypt: a photography competition aimed at understanding how local photographers depict women and empowerment in their images. Opportunities for discussion and self-reflection provide cultural producers the space to delve into how they see women and how they then choose to represent them. This type of communications initiative actively courts a richer understanding of empowerment, leaving room for the complexities this might entail. …

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    Changing Focus Photography

    The aim of Changing Focus was to encourage local photographers to use representations of women in their work that actually reflect the empowerment that women may experience in their lives. These portrayals can then be used to show that images of women need not only be the kind of stereotypical depictions found in many popular music video clips or films, nor should images of women be relegated purely to the home and family. Photographers participated in a workshop on gender awareness and equality before setting out to produce images incorporating ideas and techniques from the workshop. These images were then displayed in a widely disseminated and accessible exhibition. …

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    Changing Focus Photography Competition

    The Changing Focus photography competition invited local photographers to visually present their visions of the exchanges between women and their communities and to capture their representations of women’s empowerment and agency. The project addressed a Pathways commitment to working with various modes of communication in an effort to grasp a broader and fuller idea of how women experience empowerment in their local contexts. …