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    Gendered Rights in the Post-2015 Development and Disasters Agendas

    This article explores how, 20 years after Beijing, women's rights are being discussed within processes to develop a post-2015 sustainable development agenda and the parallel international disaster risk reduction framework. It is based on analysis of documents produced to date from the various processes, and also personal experience of seeking to influence both the post-2015 development and disaster agendas. It highlights how attempts to marry the environmental and development agendas reveal a continued problematic conceptualisation of sexual and reproductive rights. It suggests that in gender terms, while the post-2015 development agenda and the related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are over ambitious to the point of being mere rhetoric, gender rhetoric is yet to enter the international disaster risk reduction discourse. …

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    Rural Women's Empowerment through Employment from the Beijing Platform for Action Onwards

    This article provides a critical analysis of the conceptualisation of women’s empowerment through employment (and later decent work) from the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, the Beijing Platform for Action through to the Millennium Development Goals, the Decent Work Agenda and current proposals for the post-2015 Development Agenda. The article focuses on the context of rural women. Through a historical overview of the increasing importance placed on employment and the “world of work” for poverty reduction and women’s empowerment within the development discourse, the article will analyse the implications and gaps of prevailing approaches. The article will also provide recommendations to enhance the potential of rural employment and decent work in promoting women’s empowerment, including with specific reference to the debates around the post-2015 Development Agenda. …