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    No Shortcuts to Shifting Deep Structures in Organisations

    In the late 1990s, Gender at Work wrote about the “deep structure” of organisations through which gender discriminatory norms and power relations are reproduced. In this article, the authors reflect on the evolution since Beijing of Gender at Work’s theory and practice on approaches to shift “deep structure”. The Gender at Work Analytical Framework, used by dozens of organisations worldwide to assess, strategise and evaluate the process of organisational change, is described. Using a case study on the Dalit Women’s Livelihood Accountability Initiative in Uttar Pradesh, India, the article demonstrates the adaptation of the Analytical Framework for working directly with community level programmes, highlighting its strength at bringing into focus the deeply entrenched social norms and deep structures that exclude women from claiming their rights. …

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    Twenty Years After Beijing: Can Promises be Turned into Progress?

    Twenty years since the landmark women’s conference at Beijing, and as the post-2015 agenda is concluded, it is clear that there has been a significant increase in rhetoric from governments and even some notable achievements in the field of women’s equality and rights.  But a failure to tackle underlying causes – particularly the persistent unequal power relations between women and men - has thwarted real, sustainable progress.  A report by the Gender and Development Network has identified four areas in need of far greater political focus and resources: working with marginalised women to build their own agency; supporting women’s collective action; promoting positive social norms; and reassessing macro-economic policies and the role of the care economy. …

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    Gender at Work at CSW

    Join Gender at Work on Thursday 17 March at 4.30 pm at the UN Church Center, 777 UN Plaza to listen to key messages from their new book and individual stories of change. …