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    Dialogues Of Empowerment Meeting, African Studies Association Meeting

    The theme of the Annual Dialogue on Empowerment of the West Africa Hub held in Chicago from 13-16 November 2008, was “Women’s Empowerment and Development Policy,”. More than 50 participants attended the session, whose presentations were entitled: “Consuming Nollywood: Young Women’s Perspectives on Popular Films in Nigeria”, ”Women’s Empowerment in Post‐Conflict Sierra Leone”, “Exploring Women’s Empowerment in Everyday Lives: Intergenerational Perspectives in Ghana” and “Changing Representations of Women in Ghanaian Popular Culture”. The presentations were followed by a discussion and concluding remarks. …

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    Pathways West Africa Hub Final Synthesis Report

    Final synthesis report from the West Africa Hub of Pathways of Women’s Empowerment (Pathways) - an international research and communications programme that has focused for the five years from 2006-2011 on understanding and influencing efforts to bring about positive change in women’s lives. After an introduction to the West Africa research projects within the four research themes, the report analyses selected research. Highlights from the WA Hub are given along with a detailed list of research outputs. …

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    Pathways Case Study Cards

    This pack of 20 vibrantly drawn cards provides a clear and very accessible entry into some of Pathways’ research findings and recommendations. The cards feature research from Bangladesh, Brazil, Egypt, Ghana, Pakistan, Palestine, and Sierra Leone, across the four Pathways themes of: conceptualising empowerment, empowering work, building constituencies and changing narratives of sexuality.  …