Pathways Middle East Hub is led by the Social Research Center at the American University in Cairo. Research has mainly focused on Egypt and Palestine, but has also influenced other countries in the Arab region.

Projects undertaken by Pathways Middle East were selected for their promise and potential to impact the lives of women in the region. A notable achievement has been Pathways’ contribution towards creating a cadre of highly regarded scholars whose work is well-received in policy and activist circles.

Featured Research Projects


The Middle East Hub is based at:

The Social Research Center, American University Cairo, Egypt.

Social Research Center
The American University in Cairo
AUC Avenue, PO Box 74


Mona Ibrahim Ali Ragui Assad Mona Bakr (Programme Administration) Lenka Benova Heba Gowayed Kristina Hallez (Communications Officer) Mohamed Hassan Dalia Hassanin (Accounts) Heba Nassar Hoda Rashad Mulki Al-Sharmani Sawsan Sherif Gunilla Soliman (Programme Administration)

Islah Jad
Penny Johnson
Eileen Kuttab
Aitemad Muhanna (LSE, London)
Randa Nasser
Nahda Shehada