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Directors: Kat Mansoor

Year: 2010 Type: Film Language: English subtitles

This 10 minute film 'Save us from Saviours' explores the work of the sex worker collective Veshya Anyay Mukti Parishad (VAMP). VAMP has been providing HIV and development interventions in India since 1996. The film introduces the viewer to the collective and follows three members – Kamlabai, Shabana and Raju, who is the son of a sex worker. It highlights how they mobilise sex workers to claim their rights and support their community. Working together has given them the power to:

- reject violence from outsiders and to demand change from the poorly run justice system which made them vulnerable

challenge discriminatory attitudes and inaccurate beliefs about HIV

provide health and community development services

to lobby and advocate for laws and policy which are protective rather than undermining