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Year: 2014 Type: Book Chapter Language: English

Charmaine Pereira’s and Bibi Bakare Yusuf’s chapter is a study of a sex scandal in which nude photos of a Nigerian actress, Anita Hogan, appeared in print media in 2006. The publication of the photos transgressed normative and legal prescriptions about what constitutes legitimate exposure of the female body in the public arena.

Through textual analyses, the chapter explores the ways in which the publication of the pictures was represented as female transgression. Readers’ and editors’ acceptance as well as condemnation of the pictures was expressed in terms that surface the tensions between ‘legitimate’ bodily exposure, women’s vulnerability and the potentially ‘contaminating’ influence of the expression of a ‘free woman’s’ sexuality. 

Resource is unavailable online, but can be viewed at the British Library of Development Studies in Brighton,