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Author: Anke Stock

Year: 2015 Type: Article Language:

Twenty years after the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action it is worth looking at the achievements regarding Chapter K ‘women and the environment’. The complexity of the links between rights (inter alia women’s rights), social dimensions and sustainable development is a remaining challenge that has so far not been addressed adequately. This article aims at identifying this interdependence from a grass-root perspective. Women in Europe for a Common Future’s (WECF) project work with grass-root women in Tajikistan provides an insight into the challenges related to the links between ecologically sustainable development and gender equality when looking at the realisation of the right to land and natural and productive resources. Relevant obstacles for women to enjoy this right range from poverty rates to the growing impacts of climate change, to traditional and religious practices. Concluding the paper offers recommendations addressing the negotiations of the Post-2015 agenda.

Twenty years ago the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action was adopted to ‘…advance the goals of equality, development and peace for all women everywhere…’ (Beijing Declaration, 1995, paragraph 3). Chapter K on ‘women and the environment’ laid down three strategic objectives, inter alia, objective 2 ‘integrate gender concerns and perspectives in policies and programmes for sustainable development’. This article demonstrates the importance of the implementation of this objective – on the one hand for progress on gender equality and on the other hand for an ecologically sustainable development.