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Directors: Kat Mansoor

Year: 2009 Type: Film Language: English

Creuza is a former domestic worker and president of the National Federation of Domestic Workers. Put into domestic service without pay at the age of 10, Creuza received her first salary at 15 and suffered years of abusive treatment in the houses of her employers. According to the last census, Brazil has 8 million domestic workers, the majority of whom are black. Creuza has always felt it was wrong that domestic workers did not have the same rights as other workers. She got involved in the struggle for labour rights in the 1980s during the dictatorship. After Brazil's return to democracy, she was involved in founding the Domestic Workers' Union, whose activism has led to a number of important victories for domestic workers' labour rights. In recent years, Creuza has come to see formal politics as the space in which to win further gains. But if getting elected as a black woman is hard, getting elected as a black domestic worker activist is even harder. This film follows her as she campaigns - for the fourth time - to be elected.