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Empowerment and Women's Work


This module explores the experiences of women who have navigated their way to empowerment through work, often in difficult and restricting societies and political systems. These case studies provide examples taken from women in Pakistan, Brazil and Palestine.

This module explores: What it is about work that makes it empowering for women?

Women in paid work is an important subject when seeking understanding related to empowerment and development. Work has the potential to transform the lives of women and girls by addressing gender inequalities as well as contributing to a variety of development goals, from poverty reduction and human development to economic growth.

Research by Pathways, which focused on empowerment and women’s work, highlights that a woman’s economic position, particularly in relation to income, education and her assets, are associated with changes in other areas in her life, such as her political engagement, relationships and capacity to make decisions.

This module contains a wide range of resources and activities, including interactive comics, films, infographics, timelines, photo galleries and age appropriate texts.

There are many layers to women’s empowerment in relation to paid work and it is within this module that these social, economic and political layers and the ways they interrelate with each other are explored in detail.