Participatory video


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Video can be a great tool for amplifying the voices of the affected communities you are working with. It enables local people to express themselves in their own words, and provides a means for them to communicate directly with those designing, implementing or funding the programmes they are part of. 

Empowering communities in coastal Kenya

In Kenya World Food Programme staff identified four themes they wanted to explore through participatory inquiry. In December 2013 they undertook a field study in the coastal region, using participatory tools to engage with communities involved in WFP Kenya's Cash for Assets (CFA) programme. As well as talking about a range of benefits associated with the programme, several programmatic issues were raised by the affected communities. The inquiry team used small hand-held video cameras to record their thoughts and concerns. On returning from the field the team shared the video with management and steps were initiated to resolve them.

In March 2014, two members of the inquiry teams returned to the study communities and provided feedback on actions taken. The team showed them the video developed with their contributions. The inquiry team leader noted:

The joy of having a team listening to them, and taking their concern to management, action taken and then going back to give feedback was immense. They said they appreciated that the organisation was now listening to them. They were happy to see themselves on film, with one person commenting about one of the women shown in the videos ‘She is now known across Kenya!