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HANCI works closely with partner organisations in 5 countries. We work with them to analyse the political will of their governments to reduce hunger and undernutrition and to develop communication strategies for sharing HANCI research with advocacy groups or policy and decision-makers.

This helps us to learn how to communicate the Index to different audiences in different contexts and supports partners to effectively use  HANCI for ongoing advocacy.


In Bangladesh HANCI works with ActionAid Bangladesh.

ActionAid Bangladesh are focusing their efforts on a Right to Food Campaign, which seeks to get key social protection benefits into the constitution of Bangladesh in a way that will allow citizens to hold the government to account if they fail to deliver on key promises. Over 2014 we are working with them to provide a strong evidence base for their campaign, including a training for grassroots volunteers (activistas) and a meeting for the campaign to present its key asks to the government.

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Our Malawi partner is Civil Society Agricultural Network (CISANET), a policy and advocacy organization working on policies around agriculture and food security.

The HANCI team specifically supports the organization in their goal to improve nutritional status of the population through improved links between food security, nutrition and social protection by supporting the nutrition and Food Security working group in their efforts to refine key asks around nutrition. In 2014 we will also be meeting with government officials to present the HANCI evidence and key concerns from the CISANET nutrition and food security working group.

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In Nepal we partner with the newly formed Civil Society Alliance for Nutrition in Nepal (CSANN) currently housed in Save the Children Nepal.

Earlier in 2014 we travelled to Nepal and met with initial members of CSANN to present HANCI findings to civil society organization working on nutrition in Nepal. Later in the year the HANCI team will help present key evidence to the government of Nepal, working with CSANN who will help develop Nepal specific advocacy messages based on the HANCI evidence.

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In Tanzania we partner with the Partnership for Scaling up Nutrition in Tanzania (PANITA) and Save the Children .

In 2013 PANITA organised  two meetings to share HANCI evidence: one with its Civil Society members and the second with the Parliamentary Group (of MPs) for Nutrition, Food Security and Child Rights. At the second meeting key HANCI findings, relevant to the Tanzania context, were presented to the MPs, offering an evidence base to support their ongoing call for the Tanzanian government to increase their commitments to nutrition. During the event the MPs made a number of commitments to action, including working towards the inclusion of nutrition in the next set of party political manifestos, in the lead up to the national elections in 2015. This year (2014) PANITA is supporting the work of the Parliamentary Group to develop a set of nutrition recommendations to be integrated into political parties’ election manifestos.  They are also supporting the crafting of a position paper to help the Parliamentary Group to engage with other Members of Parliament in influencing development plans and budgets to include nutrition.   Later in the year PANITA will host an event with government officials to present HANCI evidence to support the call for improving multi-sector coordination to tackle hunger and undernutrition.

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In Zambia HANCI partners with two organizations, The Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Alliance Zambia (SUN-CSO Zambia) and Civil Society for Poverty Reduction.

SUN-CSO is the civil society alliance of the scaling up nutrition movement in Zambia, which seeks to bring together a number of organizations who are working on nutrition in Zambia and ensure a coordinated advocacy effort. Civil Society for Poverty Reduction was founded in 2000 to ensure civil society had the opportunity to participate in the national development plan and advocate for a Zambia where all citizens have their basic needs met. In our work with them, our partners are focused on ensuring that the Zambian governments increases its budgetary allocations to nutrition in the next budget, to ensure that the government’s commitment at the 2013 Nutrition for Growth event are met. In 2014 we are working with both partners to meet with MPs as well as key government officials and push for increased budgetary allocation, using HANCI evidence to support the request for increased budget for nutrition.

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