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Poverty and Access to Health Care in Developing Countries

Future Health Systems

Poverty contributes to ill health among the poor and to impeded development among poor children. Conversely, It begins with chapters addressing specific diseases associated with poverty, such as tuberculosis, malaria, HIV/AIDS, lymphatic filariasis, hookworm, and measles, along with public health issues in the developing world. Other chapters address poverty and maternal health, health disparities, and human nutrition. Effects of health care services, education, and housing on human development are also addressed, as are the social, economic, engineering, and technology determinants of human development.
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Achieving child survival goals: potential contribution of community health workers

Future Health Systems

There is renewed interest in the potential contribution of community health workers to child survival. Community health workers can undertake various tasks, including case management of childhood illnesses (eg, pneumonia, malaria, and neonatal sepsis) and delivery of preventive interventions such as immunisation, promotion of healthy behaviour, and mobilisation of communities.
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Economic welfare implications of differently structured vision care markets

Future Health Systems

There are abundant examples of “economics of ophthalmology” articles in the peer-reviewed literature describing economic evaluations, that is cost–benefit and cost-effectiveness studies comparing the value of policies, guidelines or patient management options. In health systems with severely limited resources, the ability to compare the value of the cost and outcomes of different policy options is critical. However, while this is not the only tool that economics provides, there are notably fewer examples of peer-reviewed articles that describe analyses of data related to eye care that test whether economic theory describes individual, provider or organisational behaviour.
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