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WP6 - Making health markets work better for poor people: Improving provider performance

Future Health Systems

Much analysis of health care markets draws heavily on the experiences of the advanced market economies where there is a much clearer demarcation of the roles of, and boundaries between, the public and private sectors in delivering services. This has led to a tendency to seek models for ―working with the private sector‖ from these countries, without taking sufficient account of their strong institutional and regulatory arrangements for both market and non-market services (Bloom and Standing 2008). This paper argues for a different approach to policy formulation that bases the assessment of the likely outcome of different reform options on a closer understanding of the realities of the markets that have emerged in developing and transitional economies.
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WP5 - Innovative service models to improve quality and access

Future Health Systems

This paper discusses the economic rationale for innovative service models in private sector health care delivery. Social franchising and other business models of health care delivery secure cooperation between providers, and coordinating agencies in order to improve quality, access, and efficiency of primary health care (PHC) in the private sector.
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Health markets and future health systems: innovation for equity

Future Health Systems

If health services are to benefit the poor, it is essential to gain a detailed understanding of such markets that can both inform attitudes towards them and guide innovations that attempt to engage with them to improve health outcomes.
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