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Availability and utilization of medical devices in Jimma zone hospitals, Southwest Ethiopia: a case study

Future Health Systems

Ademe BW, Tebeje B and Molla A (2016) Availability and utilization of medical devices in Jimma zone hospitals, Southwest Ethiopia: a case study, BMC Health Services Research, 16:287, DOI 10.1186/s12913-016-1523-2

Health systems throughout the world, whether in developed or developing countries, are struggling with the challenge of how to manage health-care delivery in conditions of resource constraint. The availability and utilization of various health care equipments at all levels of the health care system has been emphasized for effective and efficient service delivery. In Ethiopia lack of proper management of medical equipment limited the capacity of health institutions to deliver adequate health care. The main objective of this study was to assess availability and utilization of medical devices and identify reported reasons that affect availability and utilization of medical devices among hospitals in Jimma Zone. 

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Institutional capacity for health systems research in East and Central Africa schools of public health: enhancing capacity to design and implement teaching programs

Future Health Systems

The role of health systems research (HSR) in informing and guiding national programs and policies has been increasingly recognized. Yet, many universities in sub-Saharan African countries have relatively limited capacity to teach HSR. Seven schools of public health (SPHs) in East and Central Africa undertook an HSR institutional capacity assessment, which included a review of current HSR teaching programs. This study determines the extent to which SPHs are engaged in teaching HSR-relevant courses and assessing their capacities to effectively design and implement HSR curricula whose graduates are equipped to address HSR needs while helping to strengthen public health policy.

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