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Filtering by Category: People centered health

How to do a maternal & newborn community scorecard

Future Health Systems

FHS partner Makerere University School of Public Health undertook a Community Score Cards study, which contributed to research on how leaders can work with the community and health workers to improve maternal and newborn health in Kibuku District. The use of the Community Score Card tool – a two-way and ongoing participatory tool for assessment, planning, monitoring and evaluation - aims to improve the performance of facilities and accountability by the different stakeholders who are responsible for improving the performance of facilities. This film provides an overview of how to undertake a maternal and newborn community scorecard.

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Global framework on people-centred and integrated health services

Future Health Systems

Future Health Systems research into empowering communities to demand and shape health services has informed the development of a WHO strategy on service delivery. The strategy reflects a paradigm shift towards an increased emphasis on preventive public health, as well as curative strategies, to address current and future health challenges.

Enhancing social accountability for health care in Afghanistan

Future Health Systems

In the United States and parts of Africa and Asia, community scorecards (CSCs) have improved accountability and responsiveness of services. Work supported by Future Health Systems (FHS) sought to evaluate CSC feasibility in a fragile context (Afghanistan) through joint engagement of service providers and community members in the design of patient-centred services, to assess impact on service delivery and perceived quality of care.

FHS India Research Brief 9 - Voices from the ground: Photovoice research on children’s health in the Indian Sundarbans

Future Health Systems

The objective of this brief is to introduce the Photovoice method, highlight how it helped capture the voices of mothers in the Sundarbans, and demonstrate how the method can bridge the gap between communities and local decision-makers. 

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