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Drawing Causal Loop Diagrams with Vensim

Future Health Systems

This presentation is from a workshop in Baltimore in June 2014 on complex adaptive systems (CAS) research methods held at Johns Hopkins University. In this presentation, Ligia Paina from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health shows how to use the computer program Vensim to develop Causal Loop Diagrams (CLDs).

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Infographic - How healthy are the children of the Indian Sundarbans?

Future Health Systems

How Healthy are the Children of the Indian Sundarbans?\n\nIn early 2012, Future Health Systems India set out to answer this question. It undertook a study in one representative block (geographically and socially) of the Sundarbans: Patharpratima.\n\nThe key statistics presented in the following charts relate to our sample block (FHS 2012) in comparison to West Bengal (District Level Household Survey [DLHS-3] 2007-08) and Rural India overall (DLHS-3).\n\nAll findings and data can be found in the Sundarbans Health Watch Report (August 2013).
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