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A balanced scorecard for health services in Afghanistan

Future Health Systems

The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) in Afghanistan has developed a balanced scorecard (BSC) to regularly monitor the progress of its strategy to deliver a basic package of health services. Although frequently used in other health-care settings, this represents the first time that the BSC has been employed in a developing country.
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Improving health services and strengthening health systems: adopting and implementing innovative strategies

Future Health Systems

In recent years a number of specific strategies for improving health services and strengthening health systems have been consistently advocated. In order to advise governments, WHO commissioned this exploratory study to examine more closely the track record of these strategies in twelve low-income countries. Data were gathered primarily from reviews of existing materials and interviews with key informants. Findings were reviewed at a consultation in July 2005. This paper presents main findings and conclusions.
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Chakaria Health and Demographic Surveillance System

Future Health Systems

This report contains findings from a population census carried out in 8 of the 19 unions of Chakaria, a remote rural upazila in the south-eastern coastal area of Bangladesh. ICDDR,B has been engaged in health activities in 6 of these 8 unions since 1994 through a community-initiated primary healthcare project. Two of the unions where ICDDR,B has no activities were designated as comparison areas to assess the impact of ICDDR,B activities on health and health-related behaviours.
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