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Study on Policy of Medical Assistance (MA) for Catastrophic Diseases/ 重特大疾病医疗救助政策研究

Future Health Systems

Gu Xuefei. et al. (2015) Study on Policy of Medical Assistance (MA) for Catastrophic Diseases. China Civil Affairs, 7: 14-16. 顾雪非,向国春,李婷婷,徐楠(2015) 重特大疾病医疗救助政策研究. 2015年7期目 次: 14-16.


Establishment of medical security and assistance mechanisms for catastrophic diseases is the focus of health care reform to tackle the large medical expense burden. Based on sorting out the stage of the development of China's severe illness security policy, point out the cotent and difficulties of the connection of medical assistance and medical insurance for catastrophic diseases, analyse the main problems of medical assistance for catastrophic diseases and give appropriate policy recommendations.

摘 要 建立重特大疾病医疗保障和救助机制,是医改解决群众大额医疗费用负担的重点工作。通过对我国大病保障政策的发展阶段进行梳理,指出医疗救助与大病保险衔接的内容和难点,分析重特大疾病医疗救助存在的主要问题并给出相应政策建议。