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Investing in ​​health is not​ cheap, but it is not a luxury either

Future Health Systems

While Ebola, Zika and yellow fever may seem like distant threats to most people living in the developed world, the lessons from these global crises should resonate across health services in all countries.

At the G7 meeting in Ise-Shima, Japan, and the world health assembly in Geneva this week, world leaders and health policymakers have a prime opportunity to take action. They need to lead the way in shaping health systems that can cope with both public health emergencies and the longer-term challenges of ensuring access to affordable health services for all.

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DFID should put long term research at the heart of development

Future Health Systems

Long term research is integral to understanding and responding to the deepest development challenges, including those that are now in the public consciousness, such as the current refugee crisis. As the Department for International Development (DFID) reviews its partnerships and develops a new research strategy, this blog post by Sara Bennett, David Peters, Abbas Buiyah and Tom Barker reinforce why DFID should maintain and improve its investment in long term research.

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The conversion of a complex adaptive systems modeling sceptic

Future Health Systems

During the past few years complex adaptive systems theory has suddenly become very popular in the health systems research field. However, I have to admit that, until recently, I was something of a complex systems modeling sceptic. A couple of recent events, notably the FHS workshop and an NIH conference, have changed my perspective. Here's what has driven my change in thinking.

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