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Enhancing the capacity of national and local governments to drive quality improvements

Future Health Systems

Improving the effectiveness with which health services are delivered has continued to be a major concern especially in low- and middle-income countries. The ills from poor quality services have now exceeded those from non-utilization of services, with about five million deaths attributed to poor quality services. FHS Uganda Country Coordinator Elizabeth Ekirapa-Kiracho, blogs about the session that she attended at the Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Liverpool, which focused on improving quality to promote equity and effectiveness in the SDG era.

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Racing the clock to save mothers and protect newborns in Uganda

Future Health Systems

Stefan Peterson, Chief of Health, UNICEF, highlights the contribution of a maternal and newborn health implementation project in Uganda led by Future Health Systems partner, the Makerere School of Public Health, to improvements in early antenatel care attendance, facility deliveries, newborn care practices, birth preparedness, and awareness of obstetric danger signs.

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Complexity in practice: Experiences from research to improve maternal health in Uganda

Future Health Systems

Many will already be familiar with the term ‘complex adaptive systems’ (CAS). It’s certainly something we’ve talked about a lot within the Future Health Systems consortium. But it’s a term, and concept and a practice that has taken me some time to fully comprehend and to utilize in my own work. We are implementing a number of implementation research projects in Eastern Uganda, and most of my attention has been focused on the day-to-day operations of these large projects. However, I’ve found CAS tools to help me step back and get a broader picture of our research intervention. Here’s why.


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