World Bank

The World Bank has one of the more developed WWW sites, with a wealth of full text, summary and organisational information. The structure of the site largely reflects the administrative structure of the Bank itself. The record below (and the other ELDIS records for the Bank) give an overview which may help in locating material. ELDIS has separate entries for most of the component parts.

Note that you can also search the Bank's WWW site by keyword, if you get lost. The site includes:

(a) Background information on the Bank, news and press releases, information on job opportunities at the Bank (Including Young Professionals Program and Summer Employment Program)

(b) Country and project information: from the Public Information Centre (PIC) and the Operations Evaluation Department (OED). Many of the most recent project/sector materials are now available on the site in full-text via the World Development Sources site (see separate entry)

(c) Sectoral Information (i.e. sectors of the Bank): the Global Environment Facility (GEF); Latin America and Caribbean Region technical Department (LAT); Vice Presidency for Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) (which includes: Environment Department; Agriculture and Natural Resources Department; Transportation, Water and Urban Development Department); Cofinancing and Financial Advisory Services Vice Presidency; Consultative Group to Assist the Poorest (CGAP)

(d) Publications: database of commercially available, WB publications in print, with an abstract (note that this does not include the titles which are not distributed commercially, e.g. some of the sectoral discussion papers. See the Sectoral Information section of the site for lists/copies of these). Title and abstract are searchable. Some titles are available as full text (or as full-text selections). Also lists local distributors and depository libraries. Contents pages of recent issues of some journals (World Bank Economic Review, World Bank Research Observer (both with abstracts), Commodity Markets and Developing Countries, Financial Flows and Developing Countries (both with full text of feature articles) with are available.

(e) Research Studies: economic data, analysis and training from the Bank's Development Economics staff. Comprises: Information Bank on African Development Studies (IBADS), from the Africa Technical Department; Electronic Media Center; CGIAR Secretariat

(f) Inspection Panel: independent body responding to requests to look at specific WB projects. Includes contact information, press releases, list of requests, list of documents held in PIC