Register: Gender in child and youth rights

6th July 2022

Date: Tuesday 19th July

Time: 1pm – 2pm UK Time

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Join the Rejuvenate project for a dialogue on gender and child/youth rights, where we will be asking:

  • How does gender intersect with child/youth rights and participation?
  • What kind of gender equality work is being done by/with children and young people?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities of working at the intersection of gender, child rights and children/youth’s participation?
  • What work is not being done, and is needed?

Our panel, who will get the ball rolling, includes Arundhati Sridhar from Gender at Work’s Feminist Youth Leadership programme, Raisa Philip and Mariah Cannon talking about their work with Rejuvenate (which examines what evidence of impact exists in development programming with girls and young women), Equimundo and Wadi Ben-Hirki, Founder and Executive Director of the Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation.

Please email us on if you have any accessibility requirements we should bear in mind. The event will be recorded and automated transciption will be enabled.

Our speakers

Arundhati Sridhar (she/her) is a feminist activist, researcher, and practitioner with nearly a decade of experience in organising and mobilising around women’s human rights at the grassroots in India. With degrees in History and Sociology from the University of Delhi, she dabbled in travel writing and sports journalism for a few years, and brings her passion for stories into her work with gender and movement-building. She has worked with organisations across India to build intersectional feminist perspectives and programs, including evidence-building through research and advocacy. She currently works with Gender at Work India, leading the Feminist Youth Leadership program. She also produces and co-hosts a weekly conversation podcast – Fursat Feminism – that delves into the trials, tribulations, joys and humour of everyday feminism from a South Asian lens.

Raisa Philip (she/her) is a practitioner, researcher, and activist who has been working on child rights, gender rights, and health for more than a decade. Her current areas of interest include understanding and collectivising efforts to counter gender backlash and violence, re-shaping understanding around women’s work, and building safe spaces for children and young people to participate in the politics around them. She is a firm believer in building experimental, collaborative, and innovative spaces that promote discussion and critical thinking. As a part of these experiments, she co-produces digital media initiatives for Young People for Politics, and supports interventions by Ek Potlee Ret Ki/ Kaani Nilam that use art and other intangible culture as mediums for change. Raisa is currently working as Manager- Programs and Innovations at Crea, a feminist human rights international organisation based in the Global South, where her work supports feminist organising against gender-based violence, and challenging punitive approaches to justice.

Mariah Cannon (she/her) is a Research Officer at the Institute of Development studies. Her work focuses on children and young people’s participation and rights in some of the most challenging contexts – from the leather manufacturing sector of Dhaka to the adult entertainment venues of Kathmandu. She believes children and young people are essential to addressing all development challenges and is passionate about convening and networking communities of practice to exchange knowledge and promote creative opportunities for collaboration.

Dr Taveeshi Gupta (she/her) is Director of Research, Evaluation and Learning at Equimundo. Taveeshi's expertise lies in understanding the role of gender norms in perpetuating violence against women and children, creating inequitable home and workplace environments, and reinforcing inter-generational transmission of harmful gender identities for boys and girls. At Equimundo she has co-authored and led the State of the World's Fathers report, MenCare, the Global Boyhood Initiative, and the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES).

Wadi Ben-Hirki (she/her) is a development practitioner, public speaker, and writer. She is the Founder and Executive Director of the Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation. Wadi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Covenant University in Nigeria. She is currently a Chevening Scholar at the University of Sussex, where she is completing an MA in International Education and Development. Wadi is a 2022 European Forum Alpbach Scholar, 2021 Mandela Washington Fellow, an Ashoka changemaker Xchange Alumna, a youth delegate at the Global Partnership for Education Financing Conference 2018, and served as a Special Guest on education & skills for the 21st century at the Y20 Summit 2018. She also participated in the 2018 United States Institute of Peace (USIP) Generation Change Fellowship with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. She was a youth representative at the Gender at the Centre Initiative (GCI) Alliance Board Meeting 2022. Wadi is a firm believer in equity and justice for everyone. Her principles are founded on the belief that everyone deserves a fighting chance because first and foremost we are all human beings.