Get the data

Afer 28 years the Eldis programme ceased operation in June 2024.

The Eldis website is now a static archive and no new content can be added. Over the years Eldis collected, summarised and categorised tens of thousands of research documents on a broad range of development themes. All of this content produced by Eldis is a global public good and is available to be re-used, by anyone, for free under a creative commons license (CC BY 3.0). 

We made Eldis content available through the IDS Knowledge Services Open API which provided tools and applications to help developers to use Eldis content in their own websites or applications.

With the closure of the Eldis programme the IDS API has also been shut down. However the Eldis collection of bibliographic data, including over 50,000 summaries with links to full-text research and policy documents, is available to download under an Open Access license.

The dataset consists of a ZIP file containing the data in CSV format along with documentation of the taxonomies, data standards and licensing information

Download the data HERE