Overarching lessons

The Citizenship DRC has conducted its research through a series of working groups, each one dedicated to a distinct theme. The working groups have shared with one another, but carried out their research separately.

Twice, however, the Citizenship DRC has taken the opportunity to explore the common elements that unite the work: the big, overarching questions, like the difference citizen engagement makes, or abstract concepts, such as 'mediation.' The first effort to distil theory and lessons from across the body of work was five years into the project at the half-way point. The Citizenship DRC conducted another round of synthesis at the conclusion of the project.

Throughout the life of the project, the Citizenship DRC has also produced concise summary documents aimed at policy-makers, practitioners and students: policy briefings, short case studies and other concise summaries.

For those unfamiliar with the Citizenship DRC's work, these synthesis papers and the documents aimed at broader audiences are a good place to begin.

Key documents

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