Actors and Social Change (Mexico)

Instructor: Carlos Cortez Ruiz

This module is part of a Masters in Rural Development at the Autonomous Metropolitan University in México City.

Autonomous Metropolitan University's Postgraduate Degree in Rural Development


The module aims to get students to reflect on and understand theories of social change, power and social actors, with a focus on social movements. The module also aims to link these theories to students' own experiences of working on social change and with social actors.

  • Students

    The whole Masters is orientated to practitioners in rural development. Therefore, students are practitioners and activists working across Mexico with marginalized groups, particularly indigenous groups.

  • Structure

    Each module is taught in three units, with each unit being taught in one intensive week. The students study for a total of eighteen weeks over a two year period. The students are encouraged to carry out research related to their own work. Students are also encouraged to form their own interest groups around issues or questions that they have in common.

  • Context

    It is always challenging to develop and use pedagogies that can facilitate students to be reflective and relate their own experiences to the concepts discussed in the classroom. In particular, how can the pedagogies we use be participatory and encourage the students use participatory methods in their work? Reflection is built into this module – encouraging the students to reflect on their experience and understandings of these concepts.

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