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CLTS in Beandry, Madagascar

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Azafady - Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) in Beandry, Madagascar

Azafady's Project Magnampy focuses on sanitation and potable water provision, leading communities to implement their own sanitation solutions and to secure safe water sources, drawing on the Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) methodology to facilitate sustained change.

Azafady's agents triggered CLTS in six hamlets across the fokontany of Beandry, in September 2011. 12 months later a total of 101 latrines had been constructed using only locally available materials and are in use by 223 households containing 1,038 people -- 100% of the total population.

57 open defecation sites have been cleared, particularly around coffee and fruit trees, with households reporting direct health and livelihood benefits including a reduction in diarrhoeal diseases as well as increased coffee and fruit harvests and, subsequently, increased income. The community has also organised a dina (local law) prohibiting open defecation in and around Beandry, with a fine of 10,000 Ariary (approximately £3) imposed for anybody not respecting this rule.

A high profile celebration was held in Beandry on 8th-9th November 2012 in recognition of the community's historic achievement: Beandry is the first fokontany in Mahatalaky Rural Commune and the whole Anosy Region to be certified as open defecation free.

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