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World Toilet Day 2010 - how will you mark the day?

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Happy World Toilet Day!!!

The 19th of November is World Toilet Day. Surely a good opportunity to celebrate achievements as well as raise awareness of the fact that 2.6 billion people in the world still lack access to proper sanitation?!

So, what did you do to mark the occasion? We want to hear from you! Tell us about your events and celebrations, send us photos, videos and short write ups!

The World Toilet Organisation also has some background information, suggestions of what you could do and some fun tools to spread the message and downloadable posters
every year, you can also register your event with them and show the world what you are up to!

Below you can see what others were doing for World Toilet Day 2010 and on flickr, we have photos from World Toilet Day

Regional Sharing and Learning Workshop, Lusaka
Workshop participants produced a Declaration with statements and recommendations on issues vital to the success of CLTS as it goes to scale. We also produced a little video

Community Sanitation Awareness and Action Building

Community Cleaning Services (involved in the Urban CLTS pilot in Mathare 10, Nairobi in partnership with SC Johnson and Plan Kenya celebrated WTD by having a community sanitation awareness and action building event in Mathare 10, just off the Juja Road in north-western Nairobi. There was theatre, comedy, singing and, most importantly, CCS brought all its entrepreneurs into one place to clean as many public, shared or private toilets as they could find -knowing Mathare 10 it would have been hundreds of toilets and impacted tens of thousands of toilet users!

In addition, facilitators conducted door to door sensitization on hand washing. The sensitization will involved dissemination of sanitation campaign materials developed by the Ministry of Public Health.

There was also a procession in Mathare 10, co-organized by Amnesty International Kenya and community members. During the day, community members/natural leaders collected signatures to petition the government to get their intervention in for provision of space in Mashimoni and Gumba villages.

The UCLTS programme is also sent some facilitators for an exchange program in Homabay so they could learn from other ODF communities in the rural areas.

You can see more about this on the UCLTS Facebook page and read a short article about the activities.

Review and planning activities in Kwale district

The Ministry of Public Health, Kenya in Kwale district reviewed district activities with community members and partners. 5 villages were triggered in the week and there was planning for the way forward for the coming years, especially addressing follow up which has remained a major challenge in CLTS implementation in the district.

Sierra Leone

The WaSH-Net Sierra Leone hosted a Media Round Table around the event and with invitation to various key stakeholders. There was also a media engagement activity that tied into ongoing radio programs. Outcomes and photos from these two events will be shared soon.

Striking fear into the heart of evil poo everywhere!

WaterAid America together with the children’s educator and comedian Charlie Williams hosted a day of fun events under the banner of Meet Super Toilet!
The programme included

  • Meet Super Toilet! and its creator, Charlie Williams
  • Laugh out loud at a comedy Noiseguy program
  • Write on the bathroom stall
  • Play Commode Karaoke
  • Mummify yer mum with TP
  • Make a Splash game
  • Learn about WaterAid and toilets in the developing world
  • Door prizes
  • And lots, lots more fun and activities!!

The Big Squat
WaterCan, along with the University of Ottawa’s Health Promotion, Health Services, Sustainable Development and Community Life Services, participated in the BIG SQUAT. Students and community members participated in squat-a-thons, contests and a rally to raise awareness about the impact of sanitation on global health. See photos of the event

Date: 15 November 2010