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Webinar on Participatory Design Development for Sanitation

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The CLTS Knowledge Hub is hosting a webinar on Participatory Design Development for Sanitation on Thursday 26th March 2015 at 10am GMT (find your local time here).

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Ben Cole, the author of Frontiers issue 1 will be discussing his experiences in applying participatory design to accompany and extend Malawi’s national CLTS program since 2012.

Participatory design is a natural extension to the processes applied in CLTS programs. Indeed, participatory design is identified in the original CLTS handbook (Kar and Chambers, 2008) but few practitioners or researchers have explored or applied the approach.

Ben’s work in three rural districts in Malawi demonstrated the immense potential that participatory design can offer to CLTS programming. It offers a low-cost, engagement tool that can support traditional follow-up approaches to CLTS programming. Ben will present the three-day design workshops he applied in Malawi and explain the process, outcomes and follow-up.

Ben will also discuss the refinement and testing of the locally inspired designs and present how the designs were used as the focal point for a social marketing approach to sanitation supported by UNICEF Malawi.

Most importantly, participatory design is in its infancy in sanitation programming. Ben is keen to meet and learn from other practitioners that have, or are interested in applying, participatory design across the globe.

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Date: 4 March 2015