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Toilet Training the Nation: Bringing Sanitation to Rural Indonesia

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“Welcome — You are entering Jombe village, Turatea sub-district, Jeneponto district, preparing to be a feces-free zone,” reads the yellow banner above the gate to Jombe village in South Sulawesi. Visitors cannot miss the banner, which paradoxically seems to welcome them while at the same time admitting Jombe is not yet free from public feces — or “mines” as the locals call the droppings. Of the 113 villages in Jeneponto district that are home to more than 85,670 families, only 11 have been declared free of open defecation since 2010. But the local government is working hard to get more villages to adopt better toilet habits.

Source: The Jakarta Globe 12th June 2012

Date: 14 June 2012