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Support for early career researchers to attend the International WEDC Conference 2017

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The CLTS Knowledge Hub is pleased to announce that we have funding available to support a small number of early career practitioners and/or researchers to attend and present at the 40th WEDC International Conference 24-28 July 2017 at Loughborough University, UK. The funding will cover all costs related to conference registration, travel, accommodation and food.The theme of this year’s conference is Local Action With International Cooperation to Improve and Sustain Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services. Those selected will be expected to write a paper and present it at the conference, attend the CLTS Knowledge Hub’s pre-conference Sharing and Learning Workshop on July 23rd, help support the Hub’s CLTS related stall throughout the week and write a blog about your experiences and reflections from the conference.


Papers should focus on innovations, experience, ideas and learning contributing to further thinking about CLTS and other community-wide behaviour change approaches. We are most interested on papers that focus on:

  • Implementing CLTS at scale
  • How CLTS programming has ensured equity and inclusion
  • Challenges to and lessons learnt using CLTS
  • Ways of linking CLTS to other programming
  • Using CLTS in different contexts
  • Building learning into CLTS programmes

Criteria for applicants:
-          Aged between 18-35 (exceptions will be made based on individual circumstances)
-          Papers must be submitted to WEDC by February 24th 2017 and pass through their review process. A limited amount of support from the Hub will be given for this.
-          Be available to travel to the UK July 22nd-28th
-          Those from low and middle income countries are encouraged to apply

If you are interested in applying please send the following by the 16th January 2017 to clts@ids.ac.uk

  1. One sentence describing the topic of your paper (1 sentence)
  2. What is this paper based on (research, implementing  experience etc)- giving details of the country, organisation, time span etc that this paper will be referring to (100 words)
  3. What is the argument/most important point you wish to make with your paper (100 words)
  4. Why do you believe your paper is relevant and important in the current WASH context  (100 words)
  5. Explain how the paper is connected to CLTS or behaviour change approaches (100 words)
  6. Outline of the paper (between 800-1000 words)

Those who fit the our criteria will be provisionally accepted but would still need to submit a full paper by the February 24th and have the paper accepted by WEDC. Take a look at WEDCs paper submission process for  more information. CLTS Knowledge Hub staff can support this process with editorial input.

Date: 8 December 2016