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Photo competition: supporting the poorest and most marginalised

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CLTS has proven to be a powerful approach to trigger communities into becoming open defecation free (ODF) in many countries across the world. However, sustainability studies are beginning to show that ODF status is often fragile and those most likely to revert back to open defecation are the poorest and most disadvantaged. This may be due to limited resources and capacity resulting in less well-built, less durable and less well-located toilets that are more likely to collapse, face problems and discourage use. Low social cohesion could also mean levels of support and help for the poorest and most marginalised suffers. In the era of the Sustainable Development Goals we must no longer target the low hanging fruit but focus also on the hardest to reach ensuring that no one is left behind.

We are looking for photographs that show examples of innovative programming and activities in this thematic area. Please read all the information below as only photos matching the criteria listed below will be accepted into the competition.

We invite submission of photos that
• show activities that target the most vulnerable, the poorest and hard to reach populations
• tell a story about the challenges of reaching the poorest and marginalised
• illustrate the plight and a corresponding solution of a marginalised group of people
• depict an activity that monitors support for the poorest

The winning entries will be published in a special feature on the CLTS website. Both winning and non-winning photos will be used in publications such as our Frontiers of CLTS series and/or Learning Briefs/Learning Papers, as well as on the website, with full credit to the photographer, so by submitting an image you are giving us permission to use the photo in this way.

The judging
Photographs will be judged by the CLTS Knowledge Hub.  They will be marked according to:
1. Their content, i.e. their relevance to the subject matter
2. Their ability to show aspects of and/or tell a story about CLTS as per the criteria listed above

The top three entries will receive a hardcopy of Sustainable Sanitation for All: Challenges, Experiences and Innovations

Who can enter and how to submit?
Anyone who has some involvement with, experience of, or interest in CLTS is welcome to send images. Send up to a maximum of three photos by email to P.bongartz@ids.ac.uk with the subject line CLTS Photo Competition by 31st May 2017.

Submission requirements (read carefully)
• Size: At least 1MB
• Print resolution: 300 dpi
• Format: JPEG or PNG file
• Landscape and portrait images are acceptable
• Although some digital enhancement is acceptable we cannot accept images that have been digitally altered to change what is portrayed.
• Images respect the integrity and dignity of the people depicted
Send each photo separately and include in your message the following information:
• Name of photographer and contact email
• Title of photograph
• Location (country and city/town/village where photograph was taken)
• Date (if unknown, please provide the year) each photograph was taken
• The level of consent provided from any people pictured in the photo

Submit your entry
All images should be emailed to p.bongartz@ids.ac.uk by 31st May 2017. Late entries will not be accepted. We look forward to receiving your entries.

Date: 21 April 2017