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The Period Movement: Meet the Men Fighting to Stop Menstruation-Shaming in the Developing World

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Around the world, girls and women miss classes, drop out of school and fail to reach their full potential because of a natural biological process: menstruation. Many girls grow up in communities where menstruation is shrouded in shame and stigma, misinformation is rampant and clean menstrual supplies are scarce.Over the past few years, a menstruation movement—spearheaded largely by female activists, many of them millennials—has swept the U.S., aiming to destigmatize periods and bring safer products to women and girls everywhere. But there’s been a glaring omission amid the explosive coverage: the many men playing important roles in this menstruation makeover... around the world, men of all ages and backgrounds are increasingly joining this movement.

Read this article in Newsweek, 12th July 2017

Date: 13 July 2017