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CLTS in Africa - 5 day workshop in Mombasa, Kenya

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Plan RESA and IDS held a 5 day CLTS workshop in Mombasa, Kenya, from the 9th -13th March 2009.

This event aimed to take stock of what has happened in the year since AfricaSan+5 in Durban and the CLTS Sharing and Learning Workshop that took place there in February 2008. It was an opportunity to share experiences with CLTS in different African countries and across organisations, to reflect on recent developments, successes, challenges and opportunities and to learn from each other. It initiated discussions on ways forward, forged linkages between different actors and ensured that the momentum that is driving CLTS in Africa is sustained.

During the 5 days, there was also an opportunity to see and learn from the Kenyan experience with CLTS during field visits to nearby communities.

Date: 9 February 2009