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Call for infectious films: The Golden Poo Awards 2012 Short Film Competition

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PooP Creative in association with the London Short Film Festival (LSFF) is launching a competition for short films, which tackle the issue(s) of sanitation and/or hygiene in a catchy, emotive, funny, sensational or “infectious” way. The winning films will form part of the Global Handwashing Day (October 15th) and World Toilet Day (November 19th) awareness-raising campaigns. The campaigns are supported by a wide international coalition of partner organisations, which have a global reach to publicise the importance of good hygiene practice and sanitation. The winning films will be chosen by a panel of industry experts and will be announced in Autumn 2012. They will be screened at the London Short Film Festival in January 2013.

Read the filmmaker’s brief and competition rules here

Date: 24 April 2012
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