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Solomon Islands Detailed National Sustainable Sanitation Plan

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This is an implementation plan to scale-up service delivery of sustainable sanitation services in the Solomon Islands, provincially and nationally, as well as to improve hygiene behaviours within the Rural Water Supply National Sanitation and Hygiene Policy. It uses Community Led Total Sanitation as an entry point, complementing it with other initiatives, namely post–Open Defecation Free follow-up visits, sanitation marketing and communication techniques to raise awareness and eventually enable changes in social norms regarding Open Defecation to arrive at sustainable sanitation, using a community engagement approach. 

Strategies that decrease structural barriers are included to facilitate effective implementation and strengthen the national and provincial enabling environment. These include initiatives such as developing proper policies and strategies, supporting effective institutional arrangements, improving main actor’s implementation capacity, developing sanitation marketing initiatives, ensuring continuous sector financing, supporting coordination between actors and developing an easily accessible knowledge management system.


Date: 7 March 2018
Solomon Islands