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New book! Innovations for Urban Sanitation: Adapting Community-led Approaches

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The CLTS Knowledge Hub is pleased to announce the launch of its new book Innovations for Urban Sanitation: Adapting Community-led Approaches!

Over half the world’s population now lives in urban areas and a large proportion of them lives without improved sanitation. This book has been developed in response to calls from practitioners for practical guidance on how to mobilise communities and improve different parts of the sanitation chain in urban areas. Urban Community-Led Total Sanitation is potentially an important piece of a bigger puzzle. It offers a set of approaches, tools and tactics for practitioners to move towards safely managed sanitation services. The book provides examples of towns and cities in Africa, South Asia and South-East Asia which have used these approaches.

The book is published by Practical Action and is available for purchase in print or download a PDF copy for free or by individual chapters.

"The urban sanitation sector suffers from a lack of effective engagement with the people who will use the services [...] This useful new book applies what has been learned from using participatory tools in rural and urban sanitation to provide practical approaches to partner better with communities in urban sanitation projects – big and small. As a workbook it provides a menu of tools and techniques to mix and match for different types of urban sanitation project. Projects and programmes which systematically use these approaches will achieve better community engagement and increased ownership and thus improve the sustainability and outcomes of urban sanitation investments." (Isabel Blackett, Consultant, Inclusive Sanitation in Practice (ISP))

‘A timely and valuable book for anyone wanting to better understand the complexities of CLTS in urban settings. The authors helpfully combine comprehensive descriptions, practical guidance and tools for integrating CLTS into sustainable urban sanitation services.’ (Rebecca Scott, Lecturer in Public Health Engineering, WEDC, Loughborough University, UK)                                                 


Date: 5 July 2018