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Zambian TV drama series incorporates CLTS storyline

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In the Zambian soap opera Banja on muvitv , CLTS has become a hot topic!

Banja is televised every weekday at 20:00 hrs Zambian time, except Wednesdays when it is shown at 19:00. It is repeated on Sundays as an omnibus from 10:45 -12:00.


Banja (‘Family’) is set in a fictional Zambian Chiefdom called Mudzi wa Mfumu Chidano (‘the chiefdom of hatred’). It is a daily drama that deals with the day to day life of people in the rural areas. There is so far no written record of this chiefdom. The history of the whole drama starts before the death of the first chief, “Zephaniah Kambwili”. The current Stand-In Chief, “Serious Kambwili” is the young brother to the late chief “Zephaniah Kambwili”. According to traditional norms, the nephew of the current chief is the rightful heir in case of death occurring. But serious Kambwili leaves no stone unturned in ascending to the throne dubiously.

Bechani, the eldest nephew of the late chief refuses to succeed his father because he is a town dweller. Pesulani, his immediate young brother is believed to have migrated to Malawi. Limbikani too childish and young to succeed the uncle dwells in the village and is not happy to see Serious Kambwili ascend to the throne. Kambwili is a conservative of the traditions yet has a weakness for money and women.

Caleb, the predecessor’s son also the chiefdom’s headman advises the chief on developmental programmes called Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) and subsequent triggering of the village on water and sanitation.

Limbikani has support from Mangiza, a man who is Limbikani’s biological father though unknown to Limbikani. This young yet vibrant young man’s dreams fell off after the village Ndunas (chief’s advises) picked on Kambwili as an acting chief. Kambwili’s leadership is received with mixed feelings not only by the Ndunas but also the village and Limbikani. Will he stand the pressure of the young man and give up? What of the sins he has committed so far, the chieftain’s linage has been disturbed.

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Date: 24 February 2010