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Why not Basics for All? Scopes and Challenges of Community-led Total Sanitation

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Chapter by Kamal Kar in the IDS Bulletin Volume 43, March 2012 Special Issue: ‘Some for All?’ Politics and Pathways in Water and Sanitation

The ‘Some for All’ dictum may work well for the water sector but is not appropriate and workable for the sanitation sector. We live in a paradox of concern for water quality for drinking, while displaying less concern about the haphazard and uncontrolled contamination of the sources of natural water. By contrast, the principle of ‘at least something for all/why not basics for all?’ on which Community-led Total Sanitation (CLTS) is based, leads to collective behaviour change on a grand scale and empowers communities to completely eliminate open defecation and thus protect water bodies as well as improve health and livelihoods outcomes. Read the whole chapter

Date: 16 March 2012