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Triggering Five Pillars STBM: “CLTS Implementation Learning in Tiwerea Village, Ende District –Indonesia”

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Indonesia has adopted CLTS as the national approach to sanitation. STBM (Sanitasi Total Berbasis Masyarakat =Community Based Total Sanitation) is the national policy on comprehensive hygiene and sanitation.  The STBM approach is used by most of WASH actors in Indonesia including Plan Indonesia
STBM goes beyond triggering communities to end open defecation- it comprises 5 pillars:

  • Stop Open Defecation
  • Hand Washing With Soap
  • Drinking Water and Food Management
  • Domestic Solid Waste Management
  • Domestic Liquid Waste Water Management.

The following presentation explains the approach in more detail, using the example of STBM implementation in Tiwerea Village in Ende District, Indonesia.

Download the presentation on STBM

Date: 5 January 2015