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They Gave A Shit, Got Awarded

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ODF certification Kwale

We are on our way to Msulwa Primary school where the celebrations to mark the World Toilet Day are being held. We get lost and stop to ask an elderly woman who turns out to be heading to Msulwa too. After giving her a ride, she tells us of how her village is trying to reach the ODF target. “Twajitahidi sana kujenga vyoo ili tusile mavi tena”. (We are trying hard to build toilets, so as not to eat faeces again) she says.

She continues to talk of how joint efforts are proving easier in toilets creation process. The community members decide who to construct toilets for in a certain week hence making it a community goal of ensuring all in the end have a toilet they can call their own.

Read more about the journey to ODF in Kwale and the World Toilet celebrations that honoured community achievements.


Date: 20 December 2012