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Shit Matters: Community-Led Total Sanitation and the Sanitation Challenge for the 21st Century

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Lyla Mehta (2009)

This is a DRAFT. The final paper will appear in the forthcoming book (due to be published by Practical Action in late 2010) edited by Lyla Mehta and Synne Movik.
Please do not cite without permission of the author.

This paper which forms part of the IDS research project Going to Scale? The Potential of Community-led Total Sanitation situates CLTS in history and within the context of wider sanitation debates. It looks at CLTS from a socio-anthropological perspective and examines the dynamics that underlie collective action and behaviour change as well as issues such as gender, local context, sustainability and the inclusion of the poorest in CLTS processes.

Date: 16 April 2009