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School-led Total Sanitation in Sierra Leone

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Community in Kenema, Sierra Leone

A recently conducted baseline study shows that approximately half of primary schools have access to improved water supply and sanitation facilities. However, the compliance to
the national standards for WASH in Schools is a big challenge. UNICEF Sierra Leone has supported the Government of Sierra Leone with a basic package
of WASH in Schools Programme. It consists of three major components;

  1. provision of Child Friendly WASH facilities in schools,
  2. sanitation and hygiene promotion in schools through School Sanitation and Hygiene Education (SSHE) with the standard SSHE toolkit
  3. sanitation and hygiene promotion in school catchment communities through School-Led Total Sanitation (SLTS).

Together with other two components, SLTS shows its effectiveness in synergy with another WASH component: Community-Led Total Sanitation

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Date: 4 January 2013
Sierra Leone