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Sanitation marketing in NTT Province, Indonesia

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Health research (Riskesdas) in 2013 revealed community access to basic sanitation services was only 60%, meaning at least 150 million Indonesians lacked primary sanitation services. Meanwhile, if one latrine is used by a family of five, around 31 million domestic latrines are required for households currently practising open defecation. Plan International Indonesia has responded by asking communities and private businesses in NTT province to solve this sanitation issue and view it as a potential business opportunity. With a sanitation access percentage of 23%, NTT province is a strong prospective market for sanitation entrepreneurs. Through the STBM-CS Fund 2 project and with funding from Australia Aid, Plan works with the NTT provincial government to encourage sanitation entrepreneurship in five districts: Ende, Kupang, Manggarai Timur, Ngada and Sabu Raijua.

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Date: 2 September 2015