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Review Meeting of 'Empowering self-help sanitation of rural and peri-urban communities and schools in Africa'

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From the 21st to 25th February 2011, representatives of the eight Plan country offices that are part of the Pan African project Empowering self-help sanitation of rural and peri-urban communities and schools in Africa met in Awassa, Ethiopia, together with Plan Netherlands, Plan RESA (Region of East and Southern Africa) IDS and IRC for an annual review meeting. Country delegations presented their activities, achievements, challenges and progress at the meeting, discussed key issues and made plans for how to move forward, including commitments for carrying out action research. Topics included follow up, verification and monitoring; gender; consideration of differently abled community members; how to support and motivate Natural Leaders; how to work with the media; integrating sanitation marketing and other WASH components with CLTS; re-triggering 'damp matchboxes'; SLTS and urban CLTS. Participants collected and shared their knowledge via one pagers and summary notes on key topics (see below) A field visit to local communities where Plan Ethiopia is using CLTS in the form of a new SLTS pilot helped to anchor the discussions in on the ground realities and provided much learning and inspiration for participants. Read some reflections from participants on their learning from the workshop and field visits See photos from the meeting and the field visits

Date: 7 March 2011
Pan Africa,
Sierra Leone,